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He wanted me to fix it. No, thank you for the offer and No. He apologized for overstepping my boundaries a few weeks ago. He was very sorry. I felt guilt, I felt sorry, I felt pity, I felt on the verge of tears…and No. I was kind and firm, and apparently he found a way to deal with it on his own while I buried myself in drawing. What will we all do??? Sunshine — What a nice post. I know I am! What will we do now?

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We will do things that make us happy rather than worrying about some idiot who never measures up to our expectations. Eventually we might meet a man to share our fab lives with, instead of constantly chasing for the unobtainable. It will be much easier to weed out the oxygen theives! I so wish that I could be where you guys are today. He was my boyfriend at 16 and broke my heart for the first time. Three years ago, when his email appeared after 40 years! We met, everything was magical. He had all the lines, never been in love like this before, never loved my ex wife.

Even though he lived in a complete mess of a flat still does , no photos, no pictures, no mirrors and barely any furniture, piles of cardboard boxes even though he had lived there for 3 years. I had a breakdown, lost two stone, felt like crap but when the email came a month later.

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Living with the constant anxiety feeling in the pit of my stomach. What the hell is wrong with me and when do I get my epiphany? Maybe I just need to keep reading these posts and something will click that gives me strength. Thanks Nat and all of you for being there. Goldie — Nothing is wrong with you.

I went through an almost identical experience after reuniting with my FL from decades ago.

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There are biological and chemical responses in the brain that are activated by this type of reunion. They have an addictive quality that make it very hard to walk away, and keep us obsessing. There is a researcher in the US who has dedicated her career to these types of reunions. Her name is Nancy Kalish. If you do a search you will find the site. It is filled with people traumatized by this experience. I walked away from mine and when he pursued went completely NC.

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I almost came apart at the seams and my life spiraled down. I am several years out of it now, but it was bar none the most painful, humiliating experience of my life. Seek help to deal with this and be gentle with yourself. Goldigirl, i really feel for you. It is a tragedy that this man has affected you in such an extreme way.

It might be an idea to see a counsellor, as many other people on this site have done. Exactly what I experienced for several months.

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Normally I would be suspicious of this, but I was so taken by his good looks and charm. I finally caught on. Thanks for this insightful post, it has validated my experience and helped answer a lot of lingering questions. And then you come out swinging with an even better post. I wish I had read this post two years ago.

It so elegantly and succinctly explains and summarizing what is to many and certainly to me such a bewildering and raw experience. Nat — this is an excellent post! In a nutshell, this is the situation I have been in, on and off, with the same person for the past two years.

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I opted out for the final time about a week and a half ago. I have fun with my friends. Once the rose colored glasses were off, the physical connection felt empty to me. So — the physical part was very easy to leave. Thanks for the post! It was very timely for me. I am glad to know I am not alone in what I was experiencing. So many times, I said the same thing: It struck me in the end that I was little better than a call girl or an escort.

He just called me up when he wanted me, and left me alone the rest of the time. The difference being that a call girl actually gets paid! The reason why I was attracted to these casual relationships because I was afraid of dealing with my feelings, it was through these experiences I began to feel pain, then took responsibility for it, then seen my part in it, then learned about becoming a healthy person, what healthy relationships were, etc… in other words, started becoming aware of these destructive unconscious patterns.

Your right, you cant force substance. I think what was so hard, at least for me, is to comprehend how someone could be so emotionally disconnected as to treat you this way. Now I know that he kept coming back because I was giving him so much for very little in return. He misses his ego stroke. I am going to forgive myself. I am going to move on and I am going to fill my life with people who can show me real love, trust and respect. Natalie, you are a godsend. Thank you for sharing your gifts of healing with me and so many others. You hit my relationship right on the head! I allowed it to go on too long.

When my boyfriend left after three years, he had little to pack up and take with him.. I invested the 90 percent.. I was left with a full on nesting situation that I, pretty much alone, had been building. He was a minimalist in dealing with our relationship as well. This is where downsizing is not cool. Eventually he was just having his mail sent to his office address.

I was under the assumption you lived here but I see I am just a Bed and Breakfast that you frequent.. I understand how things start out as casual. Not all of us can jump in right away with full conviction that we are mates for life. Penguins do it…I admire this species. In the end, I was the only participant that was a willing and b trying to gain momentum to move forward.

I was like one of those old Volkswagen vans trying to make it up hill.

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I am soooo not casual. If I asked him if whether he was going to be in that evening, let alone what his plans were for the weekend, he would say I was hassling him and to stop trying to pin him down! So many red flags it is ridiculous. He kept me hooked with outrageous future faking, we were going to have kids and he even proposed to me, properly with a ring — but then surprise surprise, when the wedding was booked and arranged he blew FREEZING cold, did a disappearing act from which I deduced the nuptials were off. As you say — cheers mate!

Why on earth I would have wanted to tie myself to such a loser is a mystery to me now. As someone commented the the other day, if only this blog existed in and I could go back and show it to myself, things could have turned out very differently… I am recovered and now in a happy healthy relationship but thank you Nat and BR readers for helping me understand what happened in retrospect five and a half years ago now x. Lizzy, thanks for your story.

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I often feel like I have been robbed years of my life as well. I mean, Who do we think we are?!! Expecting some gratitude and respect. Gingerbell — yes it really takes time to recover from something like this. I think a person with rock-solid self-esteem would not get into the situation in the first place, and then being treated in this way for years compounds the problem by eroding your self esteem even more, which takes time and work to build up again or it did in my case Hence me reading this blog five years later — all part of the ongoing healing process I guess. Love and luck to you xx.

I divorced my ex-husband 18 years ago. He was a Joker while we were married, and still is, from what I heard from his current gf. He has tried to contact me by phone or facebook over the past year, and I have not and will not answer.