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I'm friendly and I consider it as important as exercise.

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I'd like to find that "special someone" to Single Parents in Strasburg tazracr. Colorado Springs Single Parents heartdecision Am fun easy going guy.

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Am God fearing, understanding, caring, loving, romantic. I like to travel experience different culture. I like to read books, Lakewood Single Parent Dating Mechanicguy. Arvada Single Parent Dating yourawesomeman. Hey, you I'm not a fake, just looking as well. You have a really good guy here: Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for your interest but if you are close to my daughter's age of 34, let me wish you the best finding a guy closer to your own age You are a Man Woman.

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Looking for a Man Woman. It's true, lots of people make a lot of money there. Anyway, it is my impression that Denver would be more affordable. I feel that I need to mention the Seattle freeze. Just google Seattle freeze. The reputation of Seattle is that the people are nice when engaging in casual conversation but it is very hard to make friendships there.

I found it much easier to make friends with other moms after I had kids, but previously, it was difficult.

My friend who lived there for eight years had a hard time dating in Seattle. She finally moved back to Chicago, and within six months she had a boyfriend, and within a year she was engaged. I would never tell single women to move to Seattle. Seattle men seem averse to marriage. I think it goes with the high rate of atheism and the antigovernment and anti tradition culture of Seattle. Sorry if any of you disagree but this was my experience and perception of the place. Obviously I loved many things about it, but it was definitely challenging socially, and I definitely know many who feel similarly.

It might seem that I don't like Seattle men, but actually I really liked them.

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I would say that Seattle men are secure in their masculinity and don't feel the need to be macho. One great thing about Seattle is that generally, it is very accepting of gays. It is also very ethnically and racially diverse though not as huge of an African American population as many other cities. I also loved that it was very environmentally conscious. The organic food scene was outstanding. I appreciate all of your feedback.

I am concerned about all of the above; although the dating scene isn't my top priority, it would definitely be a bonus to connect with a great guy. I working on planning a visit to Seattle first then Denver. What are some good areas to visit to help with my decision?

Originally Posted by DevanXL. How in the heck do you measure the masculinity of men? Are talking about blue collar men? I can easily say the men in Seattle are more intelligent and wealthier. Besides a good women can find great men everywhere.

I think it's more important she finds a safe affordable place to raise a child. I'm pretty sure that's her main concern Originally Posted by Inkpoe. Are you a woman? I agree that the dating social scene is actually better in Denver.

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The poster did add a disclaimer. I would tell the OP to look at the actual job postings and see what the income averages There are plenty of "good" areas in both Moving from Colorado to Seattle in 2 months. I am leaving Colorado because of the lack of support for single parents in Colorado. I have 7 living kiddos and I am tried of the lack of support. I am not in the dating scene though.

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I am finishing an online Master's in Social Work and an additional emergency management program. Housing seems to be pretty comparable between the 2 cities I have found.