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You can review our updated Community Guidelines right over here. You could give her your number first.

Ask her about some homework, make a joke. Wear gloves while fingering. Yes you can make dams out of condoms, just Google how to make dental dams at home. Do not clean your vagina with soap or a douche, it off sets the ph balance of your vagina and can cause infection. Clean sex toys after every use.

So I emptied by ask box after everything sitting for some long. I hope everything worked out.

When does the new policy take effect?

If I assumed wrong just send me another ask. Lesbian advice from a lesbian without the hate, but full of love. This girl who is my mate asked me out she knows I have a gf I said no she then met my gf and had the nerve to point out that she still has single in her bio on Facebook she then showed me my gf ex knowing it would bug me I shes been my bf for 5years and shes really nice idk what's going on with her she's never been jealous of my other gfs so idk why she is all of a sudden idk what to do about it because its starting to affect me and my gfs relationship and mine and my mates friendship.

I've had boyfriends, but I feel it was just because it was what everyone else was doing.

I've been with this boy for over 2 years and have never been able to take it further that a kiss. We've been living with my parents for nearly a year and I've asked him to move out because it's not going anywhere and although I find him attractive, I'm just not attracted to him I knew she was busy w college stuff and job.


When does the new policy take effect? Our new Community Guidelines will go into effect on December 17, What is considered adult content? What is still permitted? What about Safe Mode? What should I do?

What is considered adult content?

What goes into classifying content as adult? Will I see any adult content on Tumblr after December 17, ? What will happen to my adult content already on Tumblr? If someone is into you, they will respond too and that way you will create banter. Watch a movie or something. Just stop staring at your phone. This is going to sound way harsh but: Flirting should be upbeat. It should be peppy. Put your mental cheerleader hat on and try to be positive. I know as a group gay women are not known for being perky but just try not to seem sad because sad women are only sexy in french movies.

My favorite things about people are the weird things about people. A few years ago, I might have hid this, but now I am proud to be a lesbian who loves droll, aging British comedians. Love what you love and show enthusiasm for what you like. The right girl will like you.

Originally posted by hammytotherescue. And I feel creepy for that. I feel wrong, dirty, gross. I think of the hairy crossdressing men that were so often jokes in media, or examples of what a perverted person is like. Suddenly, I hate my height, because I tower over her.

Suddenly, my shoulders and hairy stomach and nearly everything about me is so dysphoric compared to her. I am monstrous and I look like a mockery of her.

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I hate myself because other people hate me. So if you would consider yourself a boundary pushing, thrill seeking Maverick then you might enjoy taking a scroll through her blog! Alex is from Italy but currently lives in the UK. Her blog is all about girl aesthetic and cute lesbian couples.

Queer girls that like a personal perspective on things, music, quotes will like this blog! It also contains a variety of personal thoughts and the best weird jokes that come to her head. Two words that summarize her blog:

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