Dating someone with a criminal record

I realize this and fully understand if I'm overreacting. Depends on the crime, but with very few exceptions I probably would not date a guy with a criminal history. My dad was a police officer, and he has been known to run criminal background checks on the men my sister and I have dated. He never told us if anything came back, but it's one of the things he did to make sure we weren't in trouble.

His way of looking out for us, aaand probably a way to judge the boyfriends. But yeah, whenever we started dating or being interested in a guy, he'd always casually ask, "Oh? And what's his last name? You should never date a guy if you don't know his last name.

Dating someone with a serious criminal record

My sister once dated a guy who was arrested for assault on a police officer. When he found out my dad ran a check on him through my loose lipped mother , he tried to pick a fight with my dad. That relationship ended pretty abruptly. Depends on the crime. It would depend a lot on the crime, the context, how long ago it was, and if he seemed to be done with that part of his life. I've dated guys with records before but never a violent crime , and I guess I technically have something small on my juvenile record, but now that I'm a little older and looking into careers and stuff I'd be a little more cautious about how the person I'm dating reflects on me.

Chiming in for a follow-up question: What if the criminal history was a long string of charges related to civil disobedience? Criminal trespass, that sort of thing? It depends what the crime was.

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I'd be pretty wary of dating someone with a violent criminal record. But I'd take into consideration what kind of person you seem to be now. It's never a dealbreaker for me unless there's still issues happening or he isn't trying to fix it. Something like getting busted for possession of a small amount of pot is bullshit and I wouldn't care. I don't think so. Some friends and I were just discussing this at dinner.

Dating someone with an arrest record? - Community Forums

The consensus was that it depends whether it was a violent crime. It would really depend on what history it was. Did he steal a loaf of bread to feed his family? Did he beat up his ex-girlfriend? In your case, I'd want to know exactly why you did it, and what the circumstances were.

I'm not necessarily a fan of the military, but even I know that assaulting a higher-ranking officer is ridiculously self-destructive. It may be worth it in some cases, but I'd want to know why. Then again, you're 20, and people make mistakes.


I would still want to know all of the details, and then make a decision. I think that people A Deserve second chances and B Shouldn't be judged by their worst moments. That doesn't sound that bad. My boyfriend has a violent history but most of the time it was provoked and in a situation where violence is almost expected and that part of his life is over. He doesn't do that anymore, and isn't angry anymore. If a girl strait up as asks you if you have served time and you lie, es no bueno.

Depends on the crime and circumstances of it. I would need the whole story before making a decision on that.

It depends entirely on what crime or crimes you committed and how extensive your criminal record is. My dad was in the military. Most of the men in my family served four to six years My husband was in the military. I can't swing a dead cat in a group of my friends without hitting a veteran.


But if a guy told me he went to jail for pot or something stupid like drunk in public I wouldn't care very much. Downloaded some songs and got caught, eh if you were a minor and its all finished and settled, not a big deal. Violent, sexual, drug related including weed , crimes with on going repercussions, crimes that damage other people swindling money , anything past the teenage years of minority Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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What would you think of a guy that made some mistakes and turned his life around? Would a past like that be too much for some people? Want to add to the discussion? Most violent or sexual related crimes: White collar crime, or small time stuff from when you were going: You at 26, it'd be a yellow flag, but not a dealbreaker, if it were that isolated incident. What did he do? Has he changed since these events took place? What is his perspective, not excuse but perspective on his past behavior?

He quit that life and never went back. I think in your case I wouldn't really have a problem with it. Would definitely not date. Not like the small stuff i. I'm talking about crimes like felonious assault and armed robbery etc. I wouldn't date someone with a serious crimial history at all but How do you handle having dates right before Valentine's Day?

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