Hi im tate im dead wanna hook up tumblr

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  • Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?.

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  • "Hi, i'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?" | Tate Langdon {1x10}.
  • Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up¿.

Barbara C 7 years ago. BeyondMy Thoughts 7 years ago. StuckInLaLaLand4ever 7 years ago. Imani Celestin 7 years ago. Ren Tanaka 7 years ago. Chero8p 7 years ago. Thanks, I use sony vegas pro 10 to edit my programs, and i pre-download the show onto my harddrive and then convert them: What editing program do you use? They all are so well put together!

And how do you upload clips from TV shows onto that program? I've always wanted to try and make videos like this but never knew how! I'm a pretty fast editor, except when i edit fast it looks bad sometimes: P And thanks hunni: And yes, i am going to finish my Evan Peters one: Vera Moreno 7 years ago.

Kerri Cz 7 years ago. HerArmsTwisted 7 years ago. LexLuvsMovies 7 years ago. This is freaking fantastic!!! Aaahhh dkdkjdhsjdh I loved this ep! O can't even wait to see what happens next! I loove your vids about this show. You made that in like 3 hours? You are incredible girl!!

Seriously you're videos just get better and better and this one was EPIC. I feel exactly the same way about Tate as you do.

His name is Tate

Love him even though I know I shouldn't haha. Shanniex 7 years ago. Jazlin 7 years ago.

Though I prepared myself for the possibility of a nother twist regarding this scene, I'm just prepared for everything. I saw people speculating that he strangled her which I hope is not true because that would be wrong on so many levels. And it would be character assassination.

Tate Langdon x Reader

Tate was so complex and now Murphy has this weird agenda to turn him into a one dimensional monster. I wonder what will happen in the next two episodes because Tate's writing has been all over the place. I always wonder about one thing though, Tate has a temper, when something doesn't go the way he wants, he gets aggressive immediately, we barely ever see this when he is around Violet.

I'm curious how he would react if she really told him to go away, to leave her alone. Would he really just let her go and not try to stop her by all means? The thought of loosing her scares him, so I'm curious how he would react if he actually lost her.


Thanks for the new thread I don't think the look on Violet's face in that last scene was bad. She was looking at him the same way she was looking at him that night on the beach when he gave his high school speech. Both times she just stares at him untill the end when she gives a cute little shy smile. Maybe it was the music but the scene gave me a strange feeling.

wanna hook up on Tumblr

BTW, that peek in the card thing was so cute! His messy blonde locks were so appealing, his lips were beautifully drawn, coloured in a faint rosy tone, his nose was pleasingly shaped, with a little mark on the tip, which was lovely, the shape of his face was god like, his jaw line was strong.

I saw a slight smile as he put his hand over mine, his hand was cold, but his touch felt good. That was all I wanted to do.

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I looked up, into his intense brown teared up eyes and I could see the truth, the pain, the love, the odd, I could see trust. Is he… mm… Is he alive? Maybe later today, or tomorrow?