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I get where you are comming from but you are at fault here Now if i ever play a moba anymore i will go with DotA 2 ofc.

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The banning system was good for me even tho my favorite heroes sometimes were getting banned i would find it as an excuse to try a new hero. Thats why DotA 2 is fun after all. Last edited by ChaoX ; 18 Oct, Originally posted by Villainz:. Soap View Profile View Posts. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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Too bad this game getting only new skins,champs and maps but zero actual improvements and qol-features. I guess nothing will change as long as game makes money.

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And this is really bad, the game could be way better than current half-broken state. I would named current game's state "The rage simulator" because matchmaking is a pure russian roulette in every mode.


And sorry about my English. I played about 10 or12 matches, 3 or 4 of them was ranked. I got ZERO fair matches where both teams was balanced and more or less equal by skill.

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Every match had terrible matchmaking or a bot in a team thx to random crashes and disconnects during loading - a rare random bug that is here since FIRST day of early access and it's still not fixed and no feedback is collecting about it. Your game is literally broken, this is a fact. I'm sure that people who are in charge of the game, who make decisions and who make the way of development and evolution of the game DO NOT actually playing this game.

Amount of problems right now are enormous. Matchmaking is broken, every update bugdate? And only skins is important for your CEO and heads. That "UPD" part is feedback about how you working on this game and it's also important, I just hope that somebody actually collecting all this and care about what players thinks.

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Last edited by CptFlamingo; at I'm not playing for long, yet I'm already suffering from the matchmaker - it keeps getting me against more experienced players every now and then. I completely agree with points 1, 2, 3. I mean, I'm already around 12lvl with Evie and I barely can play her good. And because of my lvl, others must assume I'm at least decent with her which is incorrect since I'm still learning. Casual should be a place for both experimenting and polishing your skills, but because as you said training with bots is only good to grasp basics, most people immediately jumps into casual with no knoweldge about the new champion.

Me included when I'm not in mood for bots. I think point 6 is brilliant and should be somehow included in the game one day.

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  8. I did play competetive while still being a noob - now, I try to keep away from these matches as I know how little I actually If such limits would be included, it would clear competetive matches at least slightly. I don't know about 8.

    It kinda works against point 6 - if you want to play competetive, you should know basics of playing every type of character. So I'm against this point. Dredge Jenos Androxus Furia.

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    8. I think that if there is a training mode where we can go to train or learn about our different roles in thbe game, once we reach a certain level we should be automatically barred from access to that mode. Currently, we have a few, not all, veteran players using the training mode we have now to collect and recieve achievements and rewards without actually going into a "real" battle in Casual or Ranked matches. Personally, I think it's unfair and takes away from the "challenges" of team play against an opposing team.

      I suggest that all training modes be limited to a certain level or time for each Paladin and what they can achieve or be rewarded with. If that is the case now, then this suggestion is moot. I've only used training about three times. So only new players usually play blind pick normals or random people usually playing with newer or lower skilled players so most people who are high rank almost never play blind pick so their blind pick mmr is really low.

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      So they get matched with low rank players there. If you are still considered low silver mmr they might be considered low silver mmr as well just starting. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.