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Could you add them to the chart?

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Each day is the start of the rest of your life! BTW the weather in Baltimore sucks today. Hard times don't last, but hard people do. Under barrels you might want to add celluloid for the 50's decade. Early to mid 60's early plastic barrel's filling system was press fit filler with higher ink capacity. In case you wish to write to me, pls use ONLY email by clicking here.

I do not check PMs. Once it has been finalised, I was wondering whether the moderators could place this as a sticky at the top of the forum? Thank you for your contribution to our understanding of the series, and especially s. All of it on a single page: Can't wait to study it.

Who will do the caps? What I especially like about your diagram is the overlap which is so common at certain transitional points: Edited by Barry Gabay, 05 October - Tropical North Australia Flag: I wonder if LEs and SEs could be included. Edited by ozwill45, 05 October - IIR the post correctly, I think that was a refurbished pen, I infer this from the modern 2 piece barrel with exposed feeder case on the pen.

I was mistaken, I saw the thread that you are referring to, the pen there is correct.

Incidentally there was another pen with a 18C tritone that was sold yesterday which I was referring to. Edited by hari, 05 October - Michael Hi Michael, it is interesting, do you have a picture of your pen to help us tell if it is one piece or two piece barrel? I am guessing that your pen might have been refurbished by MB with modern parts.

Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck Fountain Pen Design

I have never heard before of the s stored at retail locations without nibs, interesting info. Regards, Hari Thanks, Hari. I'll try to source that info again re: Your "guess" however, is akin to expert MB testimony in any courtroom!! It makes sense, I got it from a Texas vendor at the DC show, who snagged it in an estate sale.

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In other words, MB would continue to use "old" parts until they were depleted and only then use the newer design. Not all parts were depleted at the same time. So perhaps a non-refurbished from that era might have any combination of bi-colored 14 or 18K nib, plastic or ebonite feed and black or plastic threads. Edited by mano I, 05 October - Michael Here's an image of one of my s, post, with a 2-section barrel. The arrows show a line visible at the junction just below the threads and above the ink view window: Sign In Need an account? I've forgotten my password.

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Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Please be so kind to disable ad blocking for fountainpennetwork. The clip ring is engraved with the serial number for the the company uses to authenticate pens. The clip is uniformly sized from top to end, with a raised, rounded rectangle at the top which travels about a third of the way down the clip.

The threads on the body and inside the cap are all made of resin and take three full turns to uncap and recap it. Uncapping it, you can see the slotted ink window near the section.

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A photo of the ink window is in the last section of this review below. Some call it tri-color, because the platinum is surrounded by gold on both sides, you can see an oversized photo of it below. I cleaned out the pen before I inked it the first time. I was frustrated at first because this expensive fountain pen skipped every once in a while for the first pages of notes.

I decided to flush it again and clean it out a second time before re-inking. That did the trick.

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  • After the second refill, no skipping or hard starting, it wrote like a champ. It just skipped until the second filling of ink then smooth as ice.

    Dating mb 149

    Ink capacity alone would make this a daily carry for most fountain pen enthusiasts. The feed on the medium nib I tested kept up with even the fastest chicken scratches I made and writes smoothly. If you use a lot of pressure when you write, you will see slight line variation, with the down-strokes coming out slightly wider than the horizontal and upstrokes.