Libra dating cancer man

The Libra woman is someone who is very captivating, and he is usually very awestruck to see such a beautiful personality, who is so humble and peaceful in her characteristics. Her caring and humane nature is very much adored and appreciated by him. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, may also be mesmerised by this man who has such a great sense of humour, who is so sharp-witted and also affectionate. She will have a really good time with him and may find a tinge of spark between them. Thus both Cancer Libra have a natural chemistry right from the beginning of the relationship, which helps them connect well with one another and look into the future possibilities of being together.

Both of them admire each other for the qualities that each holds, which draws them close enough to fall in love with one another and work things out in their favour. This love relationship share a wonderful association and comprehend well with one another taking the Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility reach a higher level. Cancer man and Libra woman love match is calm, peaceful, sensitive and compassionate to lead each other into a beautiful relationship together. Both of them are loyal, trustworthy and reliable which makes them a compatible duo.

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  • Libra Woman And Cancer Man: Love, Life & Relationship.

The male Cancer may have problems related to commitment for marriage as he is really cautious about getting into that institution. He may take his own time, analyse the situation, to know if he is stable enough monetarily and also emotionally. He is someone who usually does not rush into anything, specially marriage as it does make him nervous and anxious as an individual. She may not like this, and probably may use different ways to convince him to take this big step.

She may first get very dissapointed and try to persuade him, and if that does not work out then she may use her feminine magnetism to lure him and give him that confidence to do so. They will share a magnificent physical relationship with one another. Both of them are quite passionate, sensual and romantic to connect with the divine art of making love, and conquer each other's carnal desires.

There is a high possibility for this love duo to live happily together as the compatibility of the Cancer man and Libra woman may turn out to be a benevolent association but there are certain things that have to be taken into consideration as well. He has to overcome this fear and anxiety of getting married and settling down, as it may have an adverse affect on the bond thay they share.

Both the male Cancer and the female Libra are a 'made for each other' couple who cannot avoid each other when they are together and, cannot even refrain from missing each other's love when they are apart. If they face their fears, have faith in one another and create an optimistic approach towards their problems, the Cancer man compatibility and Libra woman will turn out to be the most reconcilable sun sign in the zodiac.

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Their passion can come and go, but it will always come back.

Cancer Man And Libra Woman Compatibility In Love and Marriage Life

These two have differences especially when it comes to the idea of something being permanent. If they can just use them to pull them together instead of apart, they will find a beautiful peaceful love. If she uses her fairness to see both sides, this will help them succeed. These two are not ones for compromising much because they are both Cardinal signs.

They both want to lead. If they can hold hands and lead together, that is when they will find harmony. She needs him to remind her how cherished and beautiful she really is. She is ahead of him on the karmic wheel, and will therefore have much to teach him.

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  • Cancer Man - Libra Woman Love Compatibility!

She will love his naivety towards those things though. Even when they are apart she will feel her hand in his, or smell her delicate fragrance on his shirt from their embrace earlier in the morning. When they find their way back home to each other he will be waiting for her on the stoop with sweet pink cotton candy that reminds him so much of the woman he loves.

He will then charm her with his beautiful humor, and her chiming laugh will ring in the air. They will both remember why they fell in love all over again.


This how I believe all compatibility analysis must be by showing both strength and weaknesses and then encourage hope for the relationship success by pointing on how to make it last. Wow,this is accurate like you I met a cancer man online,havt seen him yet,he's 5 yrs older than me and I cnt stp thinkn bout him! Was married to a Libran, it was hell! I'm sure she would agree! Thank god it's now over! Run NOW before it's too late!!

It's not her fault or yours, it's just how you're wired! This is so true. I am so in love with my Cancer man. When we first met I didn't expect for me to fall for him the way I did. It took us awhile to actually have a relationship because I wasn't sure at first, then something happened to where we broke up and stopped talking for a year.

The Cancer man

Not much long ago we reconnected and got back together. He is the only man I've ever showed this much affection to. He shows me how much he really cares and so much more. I pray this will be a long lasting love.

Libra Woman – Cancer Man

Feels overwhelmed and lovely after a day of complete desperation. Looking forward to be with him as I still feel the love the first time he saw me 20 years ago exactly. I am his pink candy love. Mature signs act differently, i married and had 4 kuds with a libra and she was and is still hell im in live with another libra and now i know how to be patirnt and it is true blis…cant pin them down but if ypu give them space they will pin you down,be there man they will give you the world!

I'm a libran daughter and my dad's one hell of a cancer. I ran away from home and stayed away from him for 7 months but then eventually, I came back home. Father and I are really opposites a and we even used to curse each other before, but now i learned to tone down… And just think that I'm gonna miss our world wars the moment I'm gonna move away permanently and have my own family… And I have this huge life-long crush to a cancer man too, but I think I'm gonna forget this feeling already. I must say something more.. The worst thing in this relationship is passive aggression from both sides you should learn how to deal with it-internet explains it well..

Cancer gets a lot of attention from other girls.. Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Cancer Man and Libra Woman.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman: Nature of Bonding

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