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60 Secrets to a Happy Marriage After 60 from your Sisters at Sixty and Me

How coastal erosion destroyed an entire village Jump to media player Sea erosion continues to wreak havoc along West Africa's shoreline, threatening communities. Previous Next. Now Playing. Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device. Video The founder of an overs dating app shares her secrets Overs aren't that different from everyone else when it comes to how they use apps, or their dating habits.

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She says you don't need to be in the target audience to understand what they need and launch a solution Produced, filmed and edited by Dougal Shaw This video is also part of a strand called CEO Secrets. More On:. Must See.

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If only it was that easy! In many ways, falling in love is simple. Turning our passion into a lasting marriage is something else entirely. Fortunately, we have our sisters in the Sixty and Me community to turn to for advice.

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Many people in our community have been happily married for 4 decades of more and they want to share their secrets with you. According to the women in our community, staying close to your partner requires a combination of kindness, honesty, attention to detail and trust.

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Many women also talked about the importance of allowing your husband to express his individuality. This is similar to the advice that dating couch, Lisa Copeland, gave me during our last interview. She explained that men over 60 want women to express their femininity and let them feel like men. This may not be a popular argument, but, given the responses of the women in our community about marriage, there is an element of truth to this perspective.

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After all, women in their 60s expect to be able to follow their passions and express their individuality. Should we expect anything less from the men in our lives? Maintaining a successful marriage after 60 requires effort from both partners. The message of the women in our community is simple — if you want to maintain a happy relationship, learn to accept your husband, warts and all. Find joint goals and hobbies, but, also be individuals.

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Learn to laugh at the small things together. How long have you been married? What other advice would you give to the women in our community regarding how to maintain a strong relationship after 60?

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  • What are the secrets to having a happy marriage? Please add your comments below.