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It happened so many times. Guy tells me he doesn't want a relationship. I move on and cut him off. Then he comes back months or even a year or two later asking me for a second chance because he's ready and wants to start something with someone.

WTF Does "Girlfriend Material" Even Mean? [GEN WHY]

Except, back when they were looking for a hookup they didn't consider me at all. It's a repetitive cycle for some reason.

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Guys, why do you think you tend to see certain girls as hookup material, and others as purely "dating material"? Can't a girl be both?

25 Men Answer “What’s The Difference Between A Girl You Date And A Girl You Just Hook Up With?”

Share Share this post on Digg Del. I think when a woman has similar values, interests, lifestyle choices, etc, it makes a guy see her as "girlfriend material" as you put it. Otherwise, a woman who is physically attractive, stylish, flirtatious, etc probably gets guys who are drawn to her more superficially. Just a continuation of the above: So it's odd that every guy you meet sees you as girlfriend material since presumably you're not exactly compatible with everyone. Perhaps you have a very friendly, supportive, wholesome personality which attracts guys thinking of a relationship.

Seems it shouldn't be to hard to drop a hint to guys that you're open to hooking up and be succesful if that's what you're seeking. If they really saw you as someone they wanted a relationship with before, they would have had a relationship with you then. Noone lets a good catch go. Their excuses about not wanting a relationship are just a test to see if you are willing to hookup with them. Good for you for not taking the bait. I'd recommend keeping them cut off.

8 Things You Do That Make You Not Seem Like Girlfriend Material

It's nothing to do with you. Life is too short to deal with wishy-washy, indecisive people I'd recommend you not worry about what they want and spend more time focusing on what you want. All you need to concern yourself with is their consistency, honesty, and other admirable traits.

Last edited by RedRobin; 25th January at 5: Originally Posted by natwilliams. Last edited by ShiningMoon; 25th January at 5: I've never been interested in "hooking up" because I'm a relationship oriented guy. If a woman does the "hook-up" thing I will lose complete interest in her because it's clear we have different values.

So in other words, it's pretty simple.

Or even more simply - women that have hook ups are for hook ups. Those that don't, aren't. Originally Posted by Weezy Originally Posted by ShiningMoon. The thing is, they usually put me in the back burner before we even have sex! I'm surely not that ugly or fat. I get hit on quite often, but nothing good comes out of it.

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I don't wanna be viewed as a mere "hookup". But I don't get why every guy I meet puts me in the back burner. Honest question - when you say every guy, how many guys are we talking? Are there enough data points to logically come to this conclusion? Last edited by ShiningMoon; 25th January at 6: I'm not talking about 5 or 6 guys here. This is your best friend here that you're sharing your finite life with. No secrets and floor it with life.

It's not likely you did anything that warrants your reflecting on your behaviour. Some guys think girls are into then whenever they display an interest however slight. To move so quickly and audaciously this guy just sounds like a scumbag. He took a chance, what's the big deal? It doesn't mean he thinks you're a ho. If you want to wait then wait.

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It's possible that he just had a lot of courage that day. You should just bring it with him when you get a chance. What other girls has he bent over that desk. He acted poorly because it's unprofessional behaviours, end of story, if anything he could have asked you for your number or a date, that's it no excuse for anything else. You shouldn't be thinking much about him, he's obviously very shallow, a fuckboy, don't waste your time looking for a deeper meaning where there is none It had nothing to do with thinking you were easy, he just tried it because he could tell you liked him.

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Honestly we don't need a vibe or hint we will try anyway, that's how u determine between wifey material and fling. The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

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I was recently talking to this guy who I met in a professional context and I thought we really hit it off, had similar values and that there was chemistry. Then, he pretty much tried to sleep with me in his office We'd never even been on a date! Guys, what behaviors or actions give you a vibe that a girl might be easy? I think I must have given him the wrong idea about myself. What are your Dating Goals for ?

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