So are we officially dating cast

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Formulaic and unfunny, That Awkward Moment wastes a charming cast on a contrived comedy that falls short of the date movies it seems to be trying to subvert. The refreshing thing about this otherwise formulaic romantic comedy is that writer-director Tom Gormican gives the verbal humor some rhythm, shooting many of the dialogue-driven scenes in long takes so they develop a pleasing ebb and flow. A moderately smart movie would have pushed back against the formula. That Awkward Moment simply mistakes being obnoxious for being clever.

So are we officially dating cast

The movie's ideas about relationships would've felt middle-of-the-road in the '80s, and its big epiphany moments Guys can fall in love, too! First-time writer-director Tom Gormican keeps the dialogue moving at a rapid pace, which doesn't obscure the fact that most of what is said is dopey and witless. Only a sociopath would behave this carelessly, and as such, That Awkward Moment makes for an interesting study in abnormal criminal behavior. Imagine the television series Friends with a lobotomy, and you are near to comprehending the crassness of That Awkward Moment.

That Awkward Moment is a strange mix of old-school male characters you may have met in a 90s bar, and saucy and irreverent humour sometimes pushed so hard it falls flat. Three of the best young actors working-Zac Efron, Michael B. And so we all suffer. Dull, narcissistic and disconnected from humanity, That Awkward Moment contains not an ounce of real humanity or organic character development. Three bros navigate the perils and promise of modern romance.

One is freshly separated from his cheating wife; one is a serial ladykiller who meets his match but is too set in his ways to commit; and one gradually catches feelings for his platonic wingwoman. The prior two stories are par for the course, despite Zac Efron and Imogen Poots being rather likable together. None of the moments are that awkward, and some of the jokes are too "in.

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I had very low expectations for this movie. All the reviews were bad, and it generally just didn't look that good. As a story, it's a very uneven dramedy about relationships. When it's funny, it's really funny.

But when it focuses on the drama, it stutters. Having said that the cast is fantastic. Jordan, Zac Efron, and Miles Teller are all 3 actors with very bright futures. Especially Teller, the guy is hilarious in everything. This is one of those movie where in 10 years people will be like "damn! Emily watched the whole thing and thought it was ok. If she likes it, I'm sure all the women will too. Guys, there's at least 1 scene at a party that makes the whole thing worth it. Check it out sometime.

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Wow, what a disappointment this one turned out to be. I didn't care for any of the characters and the acting was just so-so. Jordan in it and thought maybe it would be funny. I won't say the film didn't make me laugh, because it did a couple times. But most of the time I was pretty much bored.

The truly only really funny part is where Zac's character shows up to the birthday party in his ridiculous outfit which I loved. That was the most 'awkward' moment in the film as well. In the end it's not a film I would see again. I actually had alot of fun with this movie, its a great time. A sharp, charismatic and hilarious blend between romantic and buddy comedy. A great film about relationships and has plenty of heart and humor and an ending that leaves you to your thoughts. Zac Efron, Michael B.

Jordan and Miles Teller are absolutely fantastic together, they have great chemistry and have matured from the young actors that they are to real stars. More Top Movies Trailers. That Awkward Moment Post Share on Facebook. Zac Efron as Jason. Miles Teller as Daniel. Lola glaudini as ellie, including those early days of things to chat. A third season one, justin and i think most of them have been no other later, jessica lucas.

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